Faith Formation is more than just head knowledge; it’s helping to form us as disciples.  This is why it is no longer called Religious Education, but Faith Formation.

We had a teen tell us that, “Those who don’t get anything out of faith formation sessions and are totally bored and don’t understand why they have to go are also the teens who’s families don’t attend Mass on a regular basis.”  The same teen also stated, “If the parents don’t care about their faith and go to mass, why should they expect their child to?  And if the parents don’t care about their faith, why are they having their child attend faith formation and ask for the Sacraments?”  Profound thoughts from a teen belonging to our parish.

“The family is the community in which, from childhood, one can learn moral values, begin to honor God, and to make good use of freedom.  Family life is an initiation into life in society.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) 2207

We strive to be in partnership with families in the faith development of not only the children and youth but also of the parents.  Faith Formation is not a September to May, K-11 education… it’s a preparation and lived experience for a lifetime, from Baptism to Eternal Life.

Family Catechesis

The primary teachers and models of faith are the parents.  Faith is nurtured in the home and fed in the faith community at the Mass.  Once a month, there is a Mass where children and youth have the opportunity to experience ministries within the Liturgy with mentors already trained in the ministries.  Children who are actively involved in the Liturgy are more apt to continue wanting to attend, especially when Mass is attended as a family unit.

Levels K-6 uses a basal series:  Call to Faith by Harcourt division of Our Sunday Visitor

Called to Faith is shaped around the following catechetical principles:

  • Conversion is central to catechesis.  The aim of Call to Faith is form participants into disciples who act with the mind and heart of Christ.
  • Catechesis is a life long process:  Catechesis is gradual, systematic and lifelong.  We are touched and transformed by the living God and by the lived Tradition of the community throughout our lives.
  • Catechesis is the responsibility of all the baptized members of the Church:  The whole parish community (including parents, family members, catechists, and the pastor) is called to hand on the faith through faith sharing and the witness of daily life.

Call to Faith is deeply rooted in Church Tradition and Doctrine, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory of Catechesis, which helps make what is shared and how to apply the teachings to life today.   Scripture, the Word of God is highlighted and integrated into material as instruction, reflection, sharing and prayer.  It provides children, catechists, and families with the content and tools necessary to explore    the Scriptures and to grow in faith.   Lives of the Saints and people of Faith: giving examples of faith lived by individuals who followed Jesus by the way they lived their lives.

The learner is invited to explore through many forms of age appropriate material.  And to celebrate even through music that is shared on each level.  At the end of the year the children bring home their book which contains prayers and helpful family information on the liturgical year.


Materials from Loyola Press; for more information please contact the faith formation 

Families are invited to share material at home with GOD MADE ME & GOD MADE THE WORLD