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July 13 and 14, 2024
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

From Deacon Dick ~ 


In last week’s bulletins, we provided an overview of the notion of Parish Networks and Bishop Scharfenberger’s call to bring them to life.  For a complete listing of all Parish Networks in the Albany Diocese, please go to the website of either parish. 

To recap, Parish Networks are called upon to focus on the mission of Jesus Christ to Evangelize, that is, to share proactively the Good News through:

  • Collaboration and Linkages between and among parishes
  • More effective use of our limited sacramental, staffing, financial and ministerial resources
  • Extending our reach beyond our parishes to bring the Church to the people
  • Focus on the mission of Jesus Christ who has a Church (each of us and all of us) to be his hands, feet, and voice in our time.

We hasten to note that the vision of parish networks isn’t at all about managed decline or downsizing, but rather it’s about evangelization and right-sizing.  Again, each parish within a network retains its independent identity, but shares resources at levels not previously experienced.

One of the most obvious ways we can make better use of our human resources is to combine our bulletins.  Producing separate bulletins each week is labor intensive, time consuming, and duplicative.  Today’s bulletin is the inaugural edition that is the fruit of much planning and thought.  As with any new endeavor, it is a “work in progress,” and we welcome your thoughts as to how to improve it going forward.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide further updates on our Parish Network.  As always, if you have any questions about Parish Networks in general or with respect to our own Parish Network, please send an email to:  Richard.thiesen@rcda.org.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany Parish Networks



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