Our Mission: We are a welcoming Catholic Community of disciples encouraging all to celebrate and experience the love of Christ.

Administration Commission

The members of the Administration Commission are responsible for assisting the parish life director in the areas of parish finances, buildings and grounds, communications, publicity, fund-raising, along with staffing and other matters related to parish personnel.  In addition to the goals it has already established for itself, the Administration Commission needs to establish Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Budget, Stewardship, and Investment Committees.

Buildings and Grounds Committee ~ discusses and oversees the maintenance and upkeep of our parish buildings and grounds.

Finance Committee ~ responsible for ensuring that parish funds are used wisely and responsibly; that proper records of income and expenditure are maintained; that an account of administration is given to the parishioners at the end of each financial year.  The Finance Committee also has a responsibility to ensure that the parish income remains in line with rising costs. 

Landscaping/Gardening Volunteers ~ help care for and beautify a small portion of the parish grounds.

Office Volunteers ~ stuff bulletins, help with bulk mailings, offer clerical and other assistance to our parish office staff.

St. Matthew’s Guild ~ teams count the weekly offertory collection.