“Courage!  It’s Me!  Don’t Be Afraid.” (Mk 6:50)

Let the Healing Begin by Ted Loder

Father-Mother of us all, we gather as those blest
that you temper judgment with patience, 
else we could not gather at all.

So we bring to you
not only our bungling and betrayals
but those we have wounded
by our faithlessness and indifference.

We bring to you those we love
but less fully than we would
were we not so defensive
or so easily frightened by intimacy.

We bring to you those with whom we work
but less well than we would
were we not so obsessed with power
or so arrogantly ready to judge.

We bring to you those we live with in this society
but less closely than we would
were we not so fearfully suspicious
or so insistent on measuring them
by our comfortable biases and certainties.

O God, by your mercy, heal the wounds
we have inflicted on others and ourselves.

Let that healing begin with us
in the knowledge that with mercy
comes the power and pressure to risk
the honesty and humility that will move us
toward wholeness within each and among all
through reclaiming and rejoicing in our common humanity,
as your still beloved family;
through our brother and Lord, Jesus Christ. 








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Friday of the Second Week of Lent

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