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JULY 25 - JULY 29


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June 25 & 26, 2022   

From Ann McCauley

Jesus, the Gospel reminds us, was “taken up”, and He gave us His Spirit to live by, to guide us in our journey in His kingdom. As this week’s Second Reading tells us, the call of Jesus shatters the yoke of every servitude and calls us to serve one another through love. “For the whole law is fulfilled in one statement, namely, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” His call sets our hands to a new plow, a new task—to be His messengers, sent ahead to prepare all peoples to meet Him and enter into His Kingdom.

Elijah called down fire to consume those who wouldn’t accept God. But we have a different Spirit with us.

To live by Jesus’ Spirit is to face opposition and rejection, as the Apostles do in this week’s Gospel. It is to feel like an exile, with no lasting city, no place in this world to lay our head or call home.  

The umbrella truth above this whole topic of discipleship is that being a Christian and a disciple of Jesus gives us a whole new identity. We are no longer simply a biological unit on this earth, but a child of the God of the whole universe. We now live knowing that “our citizenship is in heaven”.  

Philip Scharper, editor of Orbis Books, describes the Christian life as pilgrims, but even more accurately as nomads: “A popular church metaphor is that of the people of God on pilgrimage. But a more apt metaphor should be that of the people of God as nomads. Pilgrims know where their journey is headed … Nomads are called to go by uncertain paths to a place that shall be made holy at some indefinite time by something God shall say or do. And there is no guide, no guide except a pillar of fire by night and a wind-driven cloud by day — sounds and symbols of the Holy Spirit.”

Little did the disciples know that day that they would soon become nomads on this earth, travelling all over, with no fixed home, living in often frightening and hostile circumstances, as followers of their Lord. But they — and we — are also pilgrims, because pilgrims do have a final destination, namely in eternity with God.

Whether we think of ourselves as strangers, nomads, or pilgrims on this earth, it is because we follow Jesus, and that often takes us into new ways of living!

Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief    (Click link to Donate)  

God of love,
our world is wrought with war and violence,
as brother turns on brother,
and the innocent awake to gunfire and bombs.
May Your compassion and healing 
move hearts and bring a new day to Ukraine.
Fortify your children to resist agression
and instead become instuments of peace.
We ask this in the name of the One
who is the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Synod: a definition

“Despite the odd-sounding words, the vision is very simple: it’s about experiencing our faith as a journey together, accompanied by Jesus and the Apostles,” writes Bishop Scharfenberger in his Evangelist column. Essentially, the Synod, as Pope Francis has outlined it, will be about mutual listening and dialoging. It will be about reflecting and journeying together. Don’t get scared off by the unusual words. (Synodality isn’t even in the dictionary!) This local synod process is simply going to be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, your hopes and your needs as a Catholic. We want to hear from you. We want to know what you need from the Church – both local and universal – to help you on your journey of faith. Together we will take the next steps toward greater unity, greater collaboration, greater faith!

Read Bishop Scharfenberger’s full column on the opening of the Synod in the Diocese of Albany


Dominican Retreat and Conference Center

The Dominican Retreat and Conference Center in Niskayuna, New York offers retreats for women and men, workshops and presentations to enhance your spiritual life and growth. We offer retreats for persons in 12 step programs on topics of alcoholism, abuse, and eating issues. Be sure to check out the Windmill, a private hermitage, available for private individual retreats. If you need a place to hold a retreat or conference, we have just the spot for you!


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