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Come, Lord Jesus, send us your Spirit, renew the face of the earth.”   We pray this Responsorial Psalm as we celebrate our great Feast of Pentecost.  It is the day we have been waiting for … it is the day we are always waiting for … the day of the boundless outpouring of God’s Spirit … it is the day that ties all other days together. 

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, has put together a Litany of the Holy Spirit that I offer to you today in abbreviated form.  Fr. Richard suggests that you take a calm breath in and out while reciting each sacred name.  For these are metaphors to help us describe the Holy Mystery Within.  Our breathing becomes our prayer.

      Pure Gift of God                                        Father and Mother of Orphans

      Indwelling Presence                                  Truth Speaker

      Promise of the Father                               God’s Secret Plan

      Life of Jesus                                              Great Bridge Builder

      Pledge and Guarantee                               Warmer of Hearts

      Inner Anointing                                         Flowing Stream

      Knower of All Things                                Winds of Change

      Implanted Pacemaker                               Filled Emptiness

      God’s Compass                                         Holy Healing

      Inner Breath                                              Softener of Our Spirit

      Divine DNA                                               Great Compassion

      Hidden Love of God                                  Our Shared Joy

      Implanted Hope                                        The Welcoming Within

      Sacred Peacemaker                                  Non-Violence of God             

You who pray in us, through us, with us, for us, and in spite of us.  Amen!  Alleluia!          

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2019 May Corwning of the Blessed Mother

  • Elaine Mecier and Peggy Hovish
  • Elaine Mecier crowning the Blessed Mother
  • Elaine Mecier and Peggy Hovish singing "Bringing Flowers To The Rarist"
  • Blessed Mother with her crown of flowers

2018 Parish Picnic & Pig Roast

  • Fun for All!

2019 First Communion

  • Makenna, Luchiana, Jordan, Taylor, Nyia, Lucas and Parker
  • (FR) Julia, Sadie, Anna, Jacob, Sean, Elliot, Brayden, (BR) Kelsey, Johanna, ...

2018 Confirmation

  • Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard celebrated Confirmation with us on Nov 19, 20018

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